Why Dry Carpet Cleaning Services Are in Great Demand

You can’t stand the sight of dirty pillows, bed sheets, and draperies, so why live with unclean carpets? Unkempt carpet is a safe haven for microbes. Your carpet endures abuse on a regular basis. A dirty carpet harbors many ugly secrets. To ensure your carpet does not become a happy hunting ground for bacteria, you need to get it cleaned regularly. Most carpet cleaning companies in Alpharetta wet clean carpets, and very few dry clean them.

Out of both these processes, dry cleaning is more preferred. Unlike wet carpet cleaning, it involves minimal to no moisture application, thereby avoiding infestation concerns that often arise when the carpet is left wet after cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning, therefore, addresses the root cause of infestation problems, which is moisture build-up in the carpet, and it is more effective than many other carpet cleaning methods. Dry carpet cleaning companies in Atlanta use low moisture techniques and equipment.

Businesses that cannot afford long downtimes often opt for dry carpet cleaning in Cumming. Unlike a wet cleaned carpet that takes 6-12 hours to dry, a dry cleaned carpet can be walked on immediately after the cleaning process, resulting in minimal inconvenience.

Many people wrongly believe that dry cleaning involves only surface cleaning. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dry carpet cleaning companies in Roswell use counter-rotating brushes that are highly effective at getting rid of embedded dirt and grime within the layers of the carpet.

Many carpet cleaning companies in Atlanta use a cleaning agent, popularly known as a compound that comprises biodegradable ingredients. When sprinkled on the carpet, compounds transform into tiny particles that extract and soak dirt. Dirty compounds can be safely removed using cleaning equipment. The method is both eco-friendly and effective and is known to work even on heavily soiled carpets.

Unlike methods that involve the use of moisture, dry carpet cleaning does not result in shrinkage or pungent odors. Many pet owners have a difficult time maintaining their carpet. Pet urine accidents can result in smells and stains that are difficult to remove. To provide a sustainable solution, many dry carpet cleaning companies in Roswell use time-tested methods that are proven to destroy pet odors and stains.

Dry carpet cleaning comes with a number of benefits. The method is safe and highly effective, which is why more homeowners prefer to get their carpets dry cleaned. When it comes to maintaining their carpets, homeowners cannot rely solely on their carpet cleaning company. They must understand that their carpet is as much as their responsibility as the carpet cleaner’s. To avoid dirt and grime build-up, they must vacuum and dry clean their carpet at regular intervals.

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