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What Should Your Family Expect On Shifting In Belize?

Belize is perfect destination to retire. Thanks to the superior quality of life offered at the low cost of living in this beautiful country, tons of expats are interested in condos for sale in Belize. While internet is flooded with the information which retirees seek but there are buyers that are interested in relocating here with their respective families.

It is true that there is no match of serene beauty of this place and the latest medical facilities provided here. Thousands of tourists get attracted and plan their visits to take a break from their mundane lifestyle. But when it comes to buying property in Belize it is not only about the gorgeous locations, to settle permanently at a place, you need to learn more. For instance, people planning to settle in Belize have to consider the process of applying for visas and education system of this nation.

Moving in Belize With Family – How To Go About Visa

North Americans are exempted from having a tourist visa to get into the country. First one month can be spent in Belize without visa and then a person coming from North America needs to apply for a visa renewal which costs $25 USD. This will get him another month’s stay and this will be needed to renew again every month during the period one has applied for permanent residency.

True that qualified retirement program are quite inviting and inciting. Perks of retiring in Belize include tax exemption on income and duty-free importation of personal belongings. If the whole family is willing to relocate, they have to submit the Belizean Immigration Office with application forms, police records, passport copies, and birth and marriage certificates along with proof of income.

Where Your Children Would Be Going To Study?

Belizean schools run on British curriculum. Primary schooling in the country is free but when it comes to high school fees, it costs about $400 USD per year. Nevertheless many international schools are opening up due to expat immigration from different nations. These international schooling options are pricier but the standard is at par the demand.


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