Upgrading Your Ram Truck Headlights

Even the best trucks on the market use headlights that will burn out within a year. When your new Ram Truck Headlights burn out, you are left with a choice: replace or upgrade? While replacing your bulbs with stock halogens may seem like the easiest option, there are many aftermarket options that can offer you significantly more output with simple plug and play installation. At Diode Dynamics, we specialize in aftermarket LED options that are incredibly easy to install and offer much greater output than the stock halogens.

We keep Ram truck headlights and signal lights in stock that can be swapped out quickly and easily. No matter which of our bulbs you choose, you will be able to install them and instantly enjoy the superior output our LEDs provide.

The key to effective LED headlights is not just the power of the LED chips. Without proper bulb design, LED replacement bulbs will not focus the light in the headlight assembly correctly to increase the light output without causing glare. The key to making the perfect headlight is ensuring that the LED chips of your replacement bulbs align perfectly with the filament location on your OEM halogen bulbs. Your headlight assembly is designed to direct light using the reflectors or projectors inside the headlight. When the source of light is not emitting from the correct location, your headlight assembly cannot direct the light correctly.

At Diode Dynamics, we tailor our SL1 headlights to work seamlessly with your Ram truck headlight assembly. Unlike many brands that import their lights from manufacturers overseas, our bulbs are engineered and manufactured here in the US to meet the highest standards for performance and output. Our bulbs not only work perfectly with your existing headlights, they also run cooler than the competition to help avoid overheating and extend their working life significantly.

Installing our headlights on your Ram truck can be done in about an hour using a few basic tools. You will have to remove the grille and the shroud to remove the headlights from your truck. Once the headlights are removed, replacing the low and high beam stock bulbs with our LEDs is a simple process. If you would like to see how simple this process is, check out our step by step video on our YouTube channel titled “How to Install 2009-2018 Dodge Ram Headlight LEDs (Reflector) | Diode Dynamics”.

One tricky thing about adding LEDs to your Ram is the CANBUS electrical system these trucks use. These systems are designed to work with halogen bulbs and they can cause often times LED lights to flicker. At Diode Dynamics we include a set on our anti-flicker modules with every pair of Ram truck headlights. These modules help your truck’s electrical system interact with your new bulbs and keep them producing bright light without flickering or bulb out warnings.

When you install a pair of our high performance LED bulbs in your truck, you will never have to worry about needing replacements. Unlike the 1000 hour lifespan you can expect from halogens, our LEDs are designed to last at least 40,000 hours. This means they can easily last a decade or longer. Plus you can rest assured with our worry-free 3-year warranty. So if you’re ready to buy the last set of headlight bulbs your Ram will ever need, visit Diode Dynamics today. You can buy our bulbs directly or use our website to find an authorized dealer near you.

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