Tips for Pole Dancing in Heels

New to pole dancing? And, pondering in your mind whether it is a mandate wearing those 6-inches before entering the class to learn those divergent acrobatic styles? Well, for many of those out there, it appears that they have already perceived in their minds that this particular form of dance is especially about those skimpy clothes along with platform stripper heels. However, the reality check may get them flabbergasted: Pole dance may even be performed bare feet that work perfectly fine, mainly if you’re a novice to this dancing approach.

But to appear hot, flirty, and sexy, one just cannot simply ditch the pole dancing heels that can actually add flair to your dancing routine. They make your tricks look harder and wearing long heels accentuates and flame up your performance. Assuming that you haven’t maneuvered them any time before, these tricks before wielding them will indeed prove beneficial for you! Read along!

Start small

Albeit luring and tempting, when you aren’t familiar with putting on such high heels, it’s better to begin the journey by starting small. Never be impetuous with the things; remember donning in 3 to 4 inches feels poles apart from when wearing 8-inch heels. Gradually you may consider reaching greater heights.

Additionally, while dancing, prefer such shoes with ankle straps that may be rewarding to keep the shoes intact when accomplishing varying moves and tricks. Of course, you wouldn’t like to be in a situation where your heel flies off and hits someone.

Walk First

Well, walking is an ideal way to go, followed by executing some basic steps, when it is your first time in the heels. Rehearse with it, again and again, to gain expertise, before finally deciding on doing something more adventurous.  Always keep this saying in mind “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice.”

Proper Posture

Keeping a straight and firm posture is one of the critical things that one must keep in mind while standing upright or walking around the pole. Not only it does wonders to you by augmenting the confidence, but it also puts a good impression on the person observing you. Plus, it is another way to give your body more stability. When you do the fundamental things in the right way, you look like more of a professional. 

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The above were a few, but some indispensable tips that you must ensure when wearing the pole heels. Additionally, practicing this dancing elegance is related to many fantastic benefits, perhaps a reason why so many of the ladies are persistently being enticed into the world of pole. From burning calories, to keep stress away- for example, there are myriad rewards associated with this style. We’ll discuss those in detail in the next of our blogs. So, stay tuned!

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