The Right Way to Utilize Corridors in A Compact Building

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As the population is getting increased, more lands are used for developments of houses. According to the brooking survey institution series, the amount of land use for developments increases about the first 2 decades of 20th century. This opens the doors for the development of compact buildings. Now, in 21st century, the compact buildings provide easy solution by minimizing the land usage and facilitating more people in one place. Whether it’s an office, home or a hospital, compact buildings are suitable for everyone.

In any compact building, internal corridors play an important part in connecting rooms with each other. The corridor ceilings not only provide an easy gateway but also creates an aesthetic environment. You can also go with attractive ceilings by calculating the cost through ceiling material calculator. But the main hurdle is to utilizing the corridors in a compact building. Here this article will shed light on the ways through which you can utilize your corridors in an efficient way.

Types of Corridors in A Building

To utilize corridors in a compact building it is essential to know which type of corridor you have. Usually, the type of access provided to a building office or apartments, highly influence on the design and configurations of the corridors. The top three types of access are as follows

  • Individual Access: The individual access provides the own gateway to the apartments. These types of access are usually in two to three stories building. This access provides limited but private corridors.
  • Vertical Shared Access: The vertical access provides shared access to the building that is organized by the vertical core of lift, stairs or circulation area.
  • Single Loaded Access: The single-loaded corridors access works best in day and night. They run along on external face of the building.

Corridor Designs

The internal and external corridors of a building come up with different designs. In order to utilize corridors in a compact building, you need to obtain the right design that perfectly fits your corridor. To Utilize every square fit of your internal corridor you need to follow the latest designs that are mention below

  • Create A Gallery wall: If you are living in the apartment and shares vertical access than your internal corridors could be the perfect fit for the gallery wall. Create a gallery wall that represents either your memories or your profession. You can also go with the wall arts that could attract a guest. Always use coordinating frames in a single colour to create an effective colour scheme.
  • Add Striped Wallpapers: Nothing can work best than wallpaper to give a catchy corridor look. You can add stripe wallpapers with the matching colour scheme of your rooms. The striped wallpapers provide an aesthetic look to your whole apartment. Black and white stripes could be a perfect match, although you can also consider some fun colours.
  • Add Built-Ins: The perfect way to utilize your corridor is to add built-ins especially if you are living in a compact building. The built-ins play a storeroom part and help you to store the things in an efficient way. You don’t need to create a storeroom if you have built-in cabinets and drawers in your corridor.


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