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Telegenisys creates conditions specific medical chronology

Medical chronology is a document that presents relevant details of medical events on a timeline. Typically medical chronologies list category of service, the healthcare provider, date of visit and outcome of the medical event. Generally, a chronology itself is of limited use unless hyperlinked references are provided into the medical record.

Medical chronologies are evolving by referencing document types, provider taxonomies (specialties), medical conditions (typically using ICD 10 and ICD 9 codes that specify the problem) among other references. Good chronologies speed up the medical review process and provide the exact nature of the patient’s medical issues.

As a healthcare services firm, we understand how to present medical data so its easy to understand and use. Our summaries are hyper referenced information from the Department of Health and Human Services, Federal Drug Administration along with deep references on every medical provider using the National Provider Index Database. Its simpler than ever to review medical chronologies.


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