Steps To Make Your Chiller Energy Efficient

Basically, buying chillers are quite expensive, so that’s why you should opt to get the best chiller available in the market. Most of the retailers know that it is very important appliance for their store. It’s basically a major contributor to lower down the operating costs, especially in commercial facilities. The retailer should know these units requires regular maintenance and it also has high operating costs. That’s why you have to be extra careful while buying these chillers. Here in this article we are discussing about steps that you can take to make your chiller energy efficient.

1. Preserve A Daily Operating Log:

Retailers who actually want to make the chiller energy efficient should know for this they have to maintain a daily operation log. For this you should prefer to hire the chiller operators who will be responsible to write everything in the documents about chiller maintenance. Just like they are liable to mention overall performance and efficiency rate so that you would know in detail about the working of chillers. By doing so you can actually analyse which things you need to manage and which things need an upgradation for making the unit energy efficient.

2. Endure Proper Water Treatment:

Another thing that you can do to make the multideck dairy chiller energy efficient is to sustain having a proper water treatment. Actually, there are some chillers that will Most use water to transfer heat, so in that situation you must treat the water regularly that will help in preventing any type of biological growth, mild, scale and even the corrosion.

3. Schedule The Proper Cleaning Of Unit:

Other than that, keep in mind that regular cleaning of the unit will help you to make the unit much more energy efficient. And for cleaning the unit operating managers opt to follow two primary methods to clean the tubes:

  • Mechanical cleaning: first cleaning method that you can use is mechanical cleaning. It will help you to remove sludge, mud, algae and also the loose materials that use to appear on smooth-bore tubes. And for this you need to remove the covers of water box, brushing of the tubes and even flushing it away by using clean water.
  • Chemical cleaning: another method that’s used to clean the chiller is chemical cleaning method. As that will help you to remove the scales. Keep in mind that for this you need to consult with a supplier of the local water treatment. So that he will help you to determine the proper chemical solution required to clean chillers.

4. Ensure Is Having A Leak-Free Chiller:

Another thing that will help you to make chillers energy efficient is to make sure that its leak free. For this manufacturers use to recommend having quarterly tests that’s meant to test the compressors to eliminate any types of leakage. Other than that you should know that in low maintenance chillers, there are special section that will help you to operate the unit at sub atmospheric pressure. Which in return will make it more energy efficient. Other than that opt to have periodic checks of the chillers on a regular basis that will help you to ensure having a leak free unit.


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