Should I Hire a Managed IT Services Provider?

Technology: can’t live with it, can’t live without it.


Your company’s day-to-day operations depend on the computers, telephones, and Internet connectivity—without them you simply wouldn’t be in business. But who is to manage all of that touchy tech?


As the owner of a Virginia-based business (or the decision maker of one) the pressure is always on to find the best employee, product, or service at the best price to keep your company running smoothly. With great value comes great returns on investment—but not all investments are worthwhile, particularly when it comes to managing IT services.


Cost of In-House IT Department

In-House IT Services can be a pain to manage—and expensive! Factor in the salary, benefits, 401K, and bonuses and you’re soon wondering if your staff really needs email, anyway? Hint: they do!


Cost of Falling Behind

Yet you certainly can’t afford a cyber security attack, slow system, or failed integration, either. Your employees and customers deserve better, and if you don’t take a proactive approach to updating your technological resources, you may begin to lose both. Stay ahead of the curve and the competition by considering a third-party Managed IT Services provider in Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Roanoke, VA.


Teamwork is Best

By hiring a managed IT services provider you place your company’s most critical assets into the hands of a consummate professional. Far from some outsider, it is important to regard this individual or team as your advocate, representative, and ally.


Even if you already have an in-house IT person or department, it is likely that the majority of their time is spent on the ropes, solving multiple issues or performing routine updates to keep your company’s technology from becoming outdated—but just barely. Give the poor guys the break they need, by calling in some backup to take on the big stuff, like the IT strategy for next year.


Covering the Bases

A third-party managed IT services provider may offer 24/7 support, meaning that someone is always available to answer any frantic calls or emails, even at 3 am. That kind of support can make the difference between your best quarter ever … or your worst. Even better, a third-party managed IT services provider can monitor and scan proactively, ensuring that any glaring issues are dealt with in a timely manner.


Rest Easy

A managed IT services provider can offer you a unique sense of peace, since you’ll know that someone is running preventative maintenance checks and implementing fixes to any bugs. Your systems will run smoothly, and so will your day-to-day operations, when you have the support of an entire professional team backing up you (and your site).


Can you afford not to hire a managed IT services provider? We doubt it.

Investments are so-called for a reason: oftentimes you must spend money to make money. When cutting costs, don’t even consider IT, unless your company can afford to fall off the digital map … in the digital era.


If it sounds dire, that’s because it is! Technology is our new way of life, and those businesses who don’t adapt will slowly starve from lack of profits. Feed your piggy bank and your employees’ productivity, by caring for your IT proactively.


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Written by Sarah Johnson

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