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Featured Real Estate Articles Worth Reading

Every month some exceptional real estate articles deserve some extra attention. If you like learning about various real estate topics, then these posts will be right up your alley.

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Home to Save Money Moving From Your Home

How to save money when you’re moving – did you just sell your home? Are you going to be moving soon? I bet you would not mind saving some cash! Take a look at these money-saving moving tips found on Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

Where is The Massachusetts Real Estate Market Headed

A prediction on how the Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate market will perform – for the last six years the real estate market in the Metrowest Massachusetts area has been very strong. It would be characterized as a seller’s market. Bidding wars and multiple offers have been commonplace. There are some signs that 2019 might not be as strong as in years past. Take a look at how the Metrowest Massachusetts real estate market will do in 2019 in the article at Realty Biz News.

Nine Things Not to Do When Selling Your Home

What not to do when selling a house – when selling your home you need to make sure you avoid these home selling mistakes.  Don’t make one of these common home selling blunders. You’ll find advice at Realty Times on the nine things you shouldn’t do before you decide to put out a for sale sign for your property.

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Property to a Real Estate Investor

Selling a property to a real estate investor – if you are desperate to sell your home, you might want to consider selling to a real estate investor. You will be able to get out from a debt that may be a burden very quickly. One of the cons, however, is that you will sell for pennies on the dollar. At Realty Biz News, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of selling a home to an investor. Get educated on the pros and cons of selling to a real estate investor.

Buying a House That Doesn’t Have Required Permits

Buying a remodeled house without permits –  Are you considering purchasing a renovated house without required building permits? Doing so can be risky business. In the article at RIS Media see some of the pitfalls you can run into when buying a home without permits. Remember in the future; you will need to sell this house too!

These Home Improvements Help Sell Homes

Make one of these home improvements to sell your property – many sellers think that all home improvements put money in their pocket. That is far from the case. In fact, some improvements can make a house harder to sell. In the article at Active Rain, see the best improvements to assist in selling a home. These are the improvements worth investing in.

Best Real Estate Articles For February 2019

Top real estate articles from multiple professional real estate bloggers – want to see advice from numerous real estate professionals on all sorts of great topics? These articles cover various home buying and selling topics. See the best real estate articles published in February. You will love all the excellent tips!

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Transitioning From Renting to Owning

Going from a renter to a homeowner can be tough – There is a lot to do and know when you are buying your first home. One of the difficulties is compounded by the stress of a large move. In the article at Craig’s Van Line see some helpful tips on transitioning from a renter to a homeowner. You will enjoy the excellent moving advice.

Selling For Sale By Owner Might Not Be Wise

Most sellers decide to sell without a real estate agent to save money – Selling as a for sale by owner is not easy. In fact, over ninety percent of all for sale by owners fail and end up listing with a Realtor. Selling a house without a real estate agent can cost you money! In the article at Realty Biz News, see the common reasons why selling without a real estate agent could be a significant mistake.


Buying and selling a home can be a challenge when you are not armed with excellent information. All of these articles are designed to educate you on what to expect when you enter the real estate market.

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