Process of Russian Subtitling Services

Subtitlingis a kind of business service that involves adaptation of thedialogue from the existing source language to the target language.The appropriate subtitles are created to convey the exact meaning ofthe dialogue to the viewers. Subtitles generally appear on the bottomof the screen when the words are spoken by the characters. It hassome limitations like there should be only two lines of text onscreen at most and the display time should be 1.5 seconds for veryshort dialogues. 

Inaddition, the duration of the subtitles and the change of camera shotmust also be considered. As, when a change of shot is produced, theviewers tend to lower their view and re-read the subtitles.

Therefore,the process of subtitling is not an easy work, it consists of thefollowing phases:

  1. Spotting:Identifying the entry and exit times of the subtitles synchronizedwith the audio, thus calculating the minimum and maximum durationtime. 
  2. Translation:According to the duration of the subtitle, translation from theoriginal takes place.
  3. Simulation:After the subtitles are translated with the image and characters, anaudio check is made, meeting all the criteria and that they can beread in a natural way. 
  4. Correction:Finally readjustment and correction of minor errors is done.

Inthe process of subtitling, there follows some basic principlecriteria and that includes:

  1. Thecutting of the subtitles,where the two lines that appears on the screen should not interruptany phase.
  2. Ashorten hyphen should be used, if the conversation indicates thattwo people are speaking.
  3. Italicsare followed, for some instances like when voices are off, and forsongs.
  4. Quotationmarks are used for titles, signs or other written content in theimage and where possible capital letters are avoided.

Thus,the ideal result is synchronized with the audiovisual document,making in such a way that it sounds natural and fluent. This type ofprecise subtitles can be provided only by online subtitling serviceswith their professionals. For example: If you are watching a Russianseries, and you are in the need of subtitles to understand thelanguage. There are many free online automatic subtitle toolsavailable, where you can easily download the subtitles from theinternet and is also not difficult to use. But the problem with theautomatic subtitles are there is no guarantee for accuracy, displaytime duration may mismatch with the video content, texts won’t besynchronized with the characters and sometimes there can be an errorin the translated language. 

So,if you are searching for a perfect subtitle provider for yourfavourite Russian series without any interruptions and above flawsthat mentioned, choose Vanan Captioning. Here we offer quality online Russian subtitling services at cost-effective prices. Our subtitling experts are not confined toprovide Russian toEnglish subtitling services orEnglish to Russiansubtitling servicesalone. For, our professionals can provide Multilingual support to thepeople in a quick turnaround time without losing accuracy.


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