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Market Outlook

Shifting consumer preference towards natural and nutrient-rich food products have fuelled the demand for oat bran extract in recent years. Oat bran extract is processed as by-product obtained during the industrial refinement of oats. The oat bran extracts are processed by crushing the husk of oats. Oat bran extract has industrial application in various industries such as food processing, dietary supplements, animal feeds, and others.

On regular consumption basis, oat bran extract has many beneficial applications such as it is known for promoting regular bowel movements and speeding the rate of elimination of toxic wastes through the colon, preventing constipation and regularizing an optimal pH level in intestine thereby avoiding health conditions such as colorectal cancer. Oat bran extract is also used as prebiotics in nutraceuticals. Due to the presence of high fiber content in the oat bran extract helps in managing the body weight. As oat bran extract is being produced as a secondary product, the production price and primary price of oat bran extract are relatively low. However, the key functional benefits of oat bran extract are having ample demands in the food and beverages industries. As the demand for oat bran extract is growing due to high-end use in recent years it is anticipated that the global oat bran extract market would remain positive during the forecast period.

Oecumenical Application of Oat Bran Extract

As Oat Bran has high nutritional value due to the enriched concentration of fiber, omegas, proteins and considerable content of dietary vitamins, and minerals food processors show more interest in utilizing the oat bran extract in various breakfast foods. Due to the presence of vitamins, oat bran extract also finds high-end use in cosmetic and personal care products in recent years which has increased the demand for oat bran extract significantly. As A naturally derived product, oat bran extract is used as a natural emulsifier in cosmetics. Due to the presence of higher concentration of surface active ions, oat bran extract helps in cleansing formulations. The vitamins being present in the oat bran extract helps in nourishing the skin layers which enabled its demand in facial creams and body lotions. As a fiber-rich ingredient, oat bran extract also finds an important constituent in animal feed such for ruminants.  Due to oecumenical applications with growing demands, oat bran extract is anticipated to proliferate in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.

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Global Oat bran extract: Key Players

Some of the major key players of the oat bran extract include HeltiQ, Organicway, Bionatural Cosmetics, Solgar Inc., The Ludlow Nut Company, FutureCeuticals, Nature’s way., 365 Organic, Unigrain Pty Ltd., Anson Mills, Helsinki Mills Ltd etc. More manufacturers and food processors have been showing a keen interest in oat bran extract which is expected to escalate the demand among consumers during the forecast period.

Opportunities for Market Participants:

As oat bran extract have increasing demand among consumers all over the world as a fiber-rich dietary supplement. In addition, the oat bran extract has various health benefits for diet-conscious consumers which are fuelling its demand in food processing industries. Due to advancement in supply chains and value addition in distribution channels, it can be anticipated that there would be higher returns for the industrialists and product manufacturers of oat bran extract during the forecast period.

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Global Oat bran extract: A Regional Outlook

The oat bran extract has substantial demands across the world due to its growing application in processed foods and animal feedstuffs. Globally, among all regions, oat bran extract is highly consumed in Europe due to shifting consumer preference for nutritious food. In the region of North America, the oat bran extract is highly used in regular dietary supplements with growing health-conscious consumers. In the Asia Pacific, the increasing demand for oat bran extract in the pharmaceutical industries has contributed to the positive growth of the oat bran extract market. In Latin America and the Middle East and Africa the oat bran extract has recently initiated by leading market players as cereal ingredient, however, has growing consumer demands on oat bran extract. Bound to all the above factors it is anticipated that, the global oat bran extract market would remain positive during the forecast period.

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