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Before going further or discuss more about the cigarette tubes, let’s first understand what are the cigarette tubes: a pre rolled cigarette paper with an acetate or paper filter at the end, have an appearance similar to a finished cigarette but are without any tobacco or smoking material inside and the length of the cigarette tubes varies from 84mm to 100mm which is known as the king size. Basically, the cig tubes are usually done with a cigarette injector which is sometimes also known as shooter because as the cigarette burns, it tends to get stronger and stronger. It allows more tobacco to be burned at the beginning than the end.

What are cig tubes made of?

Cig tubes are one of the best and easiest ways to make your own cigarette as you can use the filtered cigarette tubes or cig tubes in combination with one of the high quality cigarette rolling machines and your favourite choice of tobacco which is injected into the cigarette filter tubes to create a finished cigarette ready to smoke.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to fill an empty cigarette tube then cut approximately 1/4 off the one end of s straw and cut down the centre. After, fill the centre of the straw with the tobacco followed by the placing the cigarette tube over one end of the straw. Lastly, push the tobacco into the empty cigarette tubes using the wooden dowel.

The king size cigarette tubes or cig tubes

The cigarette or cig size refers to the length and diameter of the cigarette in which regular sized cigarettes are normally 70 mm long, whereas King Sized cigarettes are typically 84 mm, 100s are approximately 100 mm, and 120s are 120 mm. Further, Slims and Super slims are thinner in diameter than regular cigarettes tubes.

Use a cigarette tube

First, inhale your cigarette and when putting a cigarette up to your lips, it should not pass your teeth and then put the lit cigarette up to your lips followed by sucking the smoke gently with a long steady intake into your lungs. Lastly, hold the smoke there for a second, and then inhale normally through your mouth.

If you are looking for one of the best brands for cigarette tubes then you are at the right place. In case of any query or suggestions, please shoot us an email or contact us.


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