Irregular Menstruation Causes and Symptoms and Treatment of Menstruation using Home Remedies

A woman’s menstrual cycle typically occurs every 28 to 32 days and lasts three to six days, but each woman is different and may have her own version of “normal.” Irregular menstruation occurs when a woman cannot predict the approximate time of her period because it either happens too early or too late, usually with no rhyme or reason. It is important to see a doctor to determine the causes of irregular menstruation.

Causes of Irregular Menstruation

1. Many women who are smokers experience irregular periods.

2. Excessive intake of coffee is also a cause of irregular menstruation.

3. Some specific drugs can also cause menstrual irregularities.

4. Use of excessive alcohol can also disturb hormonal metabolism which also disturbs menstrual cycle.

5. Drug abusers can also have some irregularities in their periods.

6. Some eating disorders like bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa also cause menstrual cycle irregularities.

7. In some cases increased stress is cause of irregular menstruation.

Symptoms of irregular menstruation

Symptoms begin with very less or profuse bleeding. Bleeding occurs apart from the regular menses. The gap between two menstrual periods is either longer or shorter as compare to normal cycle. There is a pain in flanks, back just above the pelvic region. Change in mood and irritability is quite common.

Lack of interest, anorexia, insomnia etc is not uncommon in a woman suffering from irregular menstruation. Sometimes a woman passes hot flesh and this is the condition to be taken utmost care about.

Treating Irregular Periods

Depending on the cause of your irregular periods, there may or may not be much you can do about them. If you have only been experiencing irregular periods for a short time (less than 7 months), it is likely that your periods will become regular again on their own. However, if there is an underlying medical condition that is causing your irregular periods, then receiving treatment for the condition should help to get your periods back on track. If you find that irregular periods are becoming annoying, there are some things that you can try to help regulate your hormones.

1. Reduce your stress levels. Take time to meditate, relax, or just hang out. This may help put your cycle back on track.

2. Get help for your eating disorder. If you are anorexic, bulimic, or if you suffer from other types of disordered eating, you must seek help. Not only will these eating disorders interrupt your menstrual cycle, but they can also severely affect your liver, bowel, throat, and heart functions.

3. Don’t over exercise. While it is important to exercise regularly and keep fit, exercising too much can be problematic. If you are an endurance athlete, try to cut back on your training a little bit, until your irregular periods return to normal.

Diet for irregular menstruation

Latest researches show that Vitamin B6 is good for treating this situation but one has to be careful taking this in excess quantity. Magnesium and Vitamin E also play major role in giving relief from the irregularity in menses.

One can also include potassium rich foods like banana, cranberries etc. Cut down the sodium intake in your daily diet. One should avoid spicy, junk and packed food as they may contain preservatives and hence, are harmful for this condition

Stimulant drinks like coffee, tea and other energy drinks are to be restricted. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables are to be taken in good quantity. In a case of weakness and lethargy, you can go for a chicken soup or vegetable soup with little spice like black pepper or ginger. The combination of cereals and pulses (as in South Indian diet) is very beneficial in treating the irregular menstruation. This is considered as rich source of Vitamin B complex.




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