How To Skyrocket Your Instagram Stories Engagement Rapidly

Instagram stories are the professional way that businesses use to express a brand. But how can one know whether it has come out well or not? Instagram analytics will resolve all these questions for you. Over a billion posts are updated on Instagram stories every day by active users. Stat analysis says that people became more interested in the brand after seeing in their stories. Engaging the audience is a crucial factor in current social media marketing. Let us say the views and reach secondary. The total rise in people who take action after seeing your post is primary. The following tactics will help you grow your engagement rapidly on Instagram stories. 


The very first thing one should go ahead to improve engagement is telling a story. It is not just going polished like your regular feeds. You should be more creative to stop your audience from fast tapping. Educate your followers on how your product works and your service helps. Be short and precise to the point showing why your customers love buying your brand. Share your real customer stories about their experience of using your service. This Instagram story idea will work great in building trustworthiness.  

Instagram Stories Stickers:

Stickers are the most fun and interactive feature used by all brands and businesses on Instagram stories. It is an attractive tool ever in Instagram that gains ultimate views and reach from the audience. One can easily acquire Instagram story views for better visibility that is best for your brand. Prompt your audience to ask questions to interact directly with them. Generally, all customers will have some questions about any brand before using them. The inclusion of this feature will serve great in your marketing strategy.  

Instagram story polls the best feature that drives conversion. You can gather customer feedback to analyze your product and improve it for the future. Add answer stickers to get their valuable insights. Location stickers and hashtags are popular to outsmart your Instagram story reach. Make sure everything you choose is relevant to your business and brand. Instagram adds more sticker options all the time, which you can make use of to improve performance.  

Authenticate Special Moments:

Instagram story engagement can rapidly increase when there is an emotional connection with your audience. You need not always want to post formal video clips or pictures. Move a step further by posting something beyond your audience’s expectations. Behind-the-scene footage in your company or any of your fellow members may be exclusive content.  Shoot a short film about your brand and service and tease them before their launch. Promote your IGTV video with a sneak peek on Instagram story. Do shout-outs about potential customers and other influencers with whom you have worked or love the brand. When they share your post in their Instagram story, you may receive engagement from their influential community. 

Go a step further with an interactive tactic. You can use fill in the blanks Instagram stories to survey your audience. They will then screenshot the post and fill it for you. Remember them to tag you in their Instagram stories while posting them. It will be a great strategy to develop your product and future content. You may even understand them by asking questions to know what exactly needs from you. Delivering content that your audience loves will ultimately double your engagement.


Instagram stories are the best way to boost your online presence. Even if you are not regular in your feeds, post consistently on Instagram stories to stay longer in your followers’ feeds. Schedule your post and get a notification to stand out from the crowd. All these tips will help you to skyrocket your engagement with a creative spark on Instagram stories.


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