How To Save Extra Money On Your Wedding Cake?

Marriages are quite an expensive affair in India. So much is spent on food, designer clothes, venue reservations, floral arrangement, grooming and countless arrangements. The main center of attraction of a wedding ceremony after the Bride and Groom is the Wedding Cake! 

Although there are so many things to plan, everyone wonders how to save extra bucks on a wedding. Are you aiming for the ideal wedding cake that fits your budget? Well, if you follow these easy tips to save extra cost on your wedding  and anniversary cake delivery online the small budget will no longer cause you stress.

Here are 7 easy ways you can save money on the wedding cake expenses.

Keep It Simple

Holding the wedding cake simple helps you down the cost. Much of the expense associated with the cake falls within the amount of time it takes to create intricate designs. Perhaps the safest approach here is to keep style and specifications as clear as possible. 

Essentially, for the baker these time-consuming activities are hand modeling, sugar flowers, decorative gold, and other complicated details that increase the cost of the cake. And making your wedding cake basic really does help you keep the cost down. And the fact is, both simple wedding cakes and anniversary cakes are equally beautiful, with just about every style and theme to go with.

Dummy Tiers

Hoping to upgrade your wedding cake with a bit of height and wow effect but worried about the expenses? Well, we tell you a secret-not every layer of your cake has to be edible! Dummy tears are made of styrofoam, which can be iced, just like the layers of cake.  

The best part about dummy tiers is that they’re inexpensive, efficient, and on a budget you can build a spectacular looking wedding cake. Your guests won’t be the wiser – so take dummy tiers as a choice to save bucks on your wedding cake. If you are out with your work and it is impossible to attend a family wedding, send cake online which would be the best gift and substitute your presence as well.

Prefer Buttercream Over Fondant

Fondant frosting on a wedding cake provides a smooth and tidy look which raises the total cost of the cake. Buttercream is usually less costly. Whereas, fondant needs more steps and materials, and is always hard to work with, making it more costly. You should dab the fondant to save the pocket and go with buttercream. Therefore, using buttercream frosting instead of fondant is a convenient way to cover costs.

Downsize The Cake

If you’re not really looking for a custom tiered cake with all the bells and whistles, pick a smaller show size and add a statement-making dessert bar, or serve sheet cake. Instead of baking a single elaborate cake that can serve all of your guests, have your baker make a smaller cake that is intended to serve a few guests for the cake-cutting. 

Let your baker then make a simpler sheet cake that is concealed in the kitchen and then cut by the culinary staff for all your wedding guests to enjoy afterward.

Incorporate Real Flowers

Did you know that more labor means more expense for your baker’s cake? It is real! That means you’re unlucky on the budget front when you’re making those fancy sugar-coated designs that garnish your cake. Deny all the sugar flowers to deal with, and opt for genuine flowers. 

The concept of selecting a single large statement flower as a centerpiece can really have a lasting effect. Natural flowers are cheaper alternative to smaller, time-consuming blooms, and they also require less effort and less money!

Go For Local Bakery

When you’re not aiming for an elaborate cake design, search for your nearest bakery to order cake online and see if they can make a cake for your wedding. Although they may not have the design skills that a professional wedding cake baker will possess, the cake will still be delicious!

Serve Smaller Slices

A wedding cake is another fun way to save money. Tell the attendant to serve smaller than normal slices. Actually, a smaller piece of cake can look more impressive too! Your visitors will still go back to ask for more, so you’re not going to waste cake sitting on tables this way.

Weddings can be very expensive but on your wedding day there are a couple of clever ways to save money. These are to be fun and happy occasions after all, not something that puts you in debt! 

Following those tips will save you from compromising on your wedding or engagement party over the sweet details. You can have your dream wedding and save money on your wedding cake. It’s always going to taste fine, look stunning and be an impressive sight on your big day. Go ahead with your plans!


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