How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Fresh air, amazing landscapes, new experience every day. Hiking is great! If you have always dreamed of trying yourself in this brave type of activity but still not sure whether the pleasure of your time is worth it, then we have covered for you some important points on how to prepare yourself and what to expect on the way.

Is Hiking Useful?

Hiking is good for our health. It may seem that during a hike you only strain your legs, but in fact, all of your body muscles are working. This kind of recreation develops cardiorespiratory endurance. Also, hiking helps you keep your muscles in shape, control weight, improve metabolism and reduce stress and anxiety. Hiking is a kind of meditation for the body and spirit.

Where to begin?

It is quite difficult to prepare for the trip if you do not know your route. Therefore, we advise you to start preparing for the hike from planning your route path. There are several options for hiking beginners. You can choose already laid routes, join a group of tourists or go somewhere along your own path.

One of the most popular types of hiking today is city hiking. It is suitable for those who want to try themselves in this kind of recreation but don’t want to encounter the wild. City hiking is an opportunity to discover interesting places of your own or any other city.

You can visit hiking websites and join the appropriate club, where you can find like-minded people or just specialists who periodically follow popular routes and regularly provide information about the trails in a particular area.

Physical Training

Hiking is a pleasure that requires stamina and some physical training. Despite the fact that hiking sounds like a walk, once you add a backpack, a difficult mountain route, weather changes, then you start understanding that it’s not so carefree and easy.

The best method of preparing yourself for hiking is through yoga. The exercises included in the basic yoga course will help you develop endurance, strength, and flexibility that will be useful along the way. It is also worth remembering about breathing exercises. If you don’t like yoga, then ordinary fitness or evening jogging will work as well.

Do not neglect health problems. It is best to contact your doctor in advance to get useful tips on how best to prepare yourself for physical exertion and avoid sports injuries.


Today there are many decent brands that offer everything you need for hiking because half of the success of your trip is based on proper equipment. The most important rule is to stay dry. Choose clothes that are designed to keep warm and do not get completely wet. Thermo-linen can not be worn at a summer season as it will be too hot.  

Clothing should not be made from organic cotton, as it dries too quickly and can cause irritation. Shoes should be lightweight and waterproof. Carefully approach the choice of shoes, as the model that you buy lightly will let you down during your hike. Also pay attention to such accessories as hats, backpacks, and glasses.


The most important thing for hiking is not to forget about water. Your body will need a lot of fluid, so make sure that you supply it with at least 2 liters per day. Physical loads burn calories, which can reflect badly on your health. 

Do not forget to take enough food with you. In order to obtain the right amount of calories, the best option will be a bar with cereals and nuts. Apples and jerky are very useful for this. Everything else is at your discretion. Try to choose high-calorie snacks, avoid perishable foods, and do not abuse canned food.


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