How to make money with OptinMonster?

When I say making money with OptinMonster, you might get into preassumption that I am going to talk about the OptinMonster Affiliate Program. If you have such an idea, I am going to differ.

The article is relevant to Affiliate Marketing, but that does not necessarily need to be OptinMonster Affiliate Program. I will cover it up in another article if needed.

So, how are we going to make money with OptinMonster?

Your website gets thousands of visitors every month. But, how many actually convert into subscribers? Hardly in hundreds right?

How about making the most use of those visitors who are leaving your website without subscribing?

Why don’t we offer them a coupon code for your affiliate product and make some affiliate commissions out of it?

That’s the concept to make money with OptinMonster!


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Written by Nirmal Kumar

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