How to Keep Your Boiler Healthy?


Boilers are a part of every house because they make life comfortable. A boiler breakdown is never a good thing because it causes a lot of inconveniences. Boilers are not cheap so you cannot afford to buy a new one every time there is something wrong with the old one. There are boiler breakdown repair London services that can help with boiler repairs and maintenance.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping the boilers in perfect condition. Without the maintenance, they will become inefficient and eventually break down. Faulty boilers will have a high running cost and are a danger to the occupants as well.

Here are a few boiler maintenance tips that will help you in keeping the boiler healthy and efficient.

Invest in Annual Service:

If you want the boiler to function efficiently then you need to invest in annual servicing. It is not safe to carry out repairs or maintenance because it can be dangerous. You need to hire a Gas Safe Register to carry out the annual service. The engineers are trained to spot even the smallest problem and fix it. During the annual service, the engineers check all the parts of the boiler and clean them. Make sure that the service is scheduled before the winter sets in as boilers have to work extra hard during the chilly weather.

Do not Forget Boiler During Summer:

Most of the people turn boilers off during the summer season but remember that the boilers can seize up if not used for a long time. To keep the boiler in working condition you need to make sure that you switch it on once a month. Turn it in for just ten to fifteen minutes monthly so that you do not find it jammed when you need it during the chilly weather.

Keep an Eye on The Pressure:

The boilers can lose pressure with time and as it gets under pressure its efficiency is decreased. The efficiency of the boiler is critical for efficiency so make sure that it is perfect. You can check the pressure by taking a look at the pressure gauge. The boiler comes with a manual and it contains instructions that will allow you to set the right pressure.

Remember to Bleed Radiators:

You need to check the radiators regularly because they will tell you if the boiler is working properly or not. If the radiators are colder at the bottom as compared to the top then air is trapped in them. To solve the problem you will need to bleed the radiators.

Lookout For Warning Signs:

It is important that you are vigilant and able to identify the warning signs. You should visually check the boiler and look for cracks, strange sounds, leaks or soot marks then you have a problem. If you spot any of these signs you need to take immediate action and do the required repairs.

Insulating Pipes:

The pipes can freeze as the temperature drops below zero. If you want the boiler to keep functioning then you need to lag the pipes so that the pipes do not freeze.


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