How to Choose Jewels according to face and body

The shape of your face, or your skin and hair colour, can be decisive when choosing jewellery. Take note of these super simple and easy to remember tips, which we elaborate together with

The first thing to make clear is that there are no rules that define right or wrong in the options that each person can use as a piece of jewellery; In simple words, each one is free to choose what she likes. However, as personal characteristics are always taken into account when choosing clothes – we all know perfectly well what suits us and what doesn’t – the same can be done when choosing jewellery.

If you are going to choose a necklace, a ring or a pair of earrings, it is important to have certain considerations when choosing the best for you.

Let’s start from above, the earrings. Whether authentic jewels or fantasies of the most economical, the earrings are a key and indispensable complement to any look, and therefore should not be chosen quickly.

Oval face: Good luck, because almost any shape fits you well.

Round face: Ideally, move away from earrings with the same shape, to avoid accentuating the roundness of your face. Long or angular models are perfect.

Heart face: You must choose earrings with the shape opposite to the triangular features of the face; Therefore, if this is your case, never use ones that end in a point or widen at the top.

Square face: Flee from large rings with angular designs. In general, long simple earrings will help soften your features.

Rest of the body

The colour of your hair and skin can also be decisive when choosing your jewellery. If you are one of those who have a hard time tanning and have rather light hair, it is likely that your skin approaches cold tones. If so, avoid jewellery with white or transparent crystals, and choose coloured jewels such as burgundy, green or red, that stand out on your skin.

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If, on the other hand, you are the one who tans easily and have black or brown hair, it means that you have a warm-coloured skin. For this type of people, yellow, coral or lighter shades are an option to contrast with darker hair and skin colour.

Never forget that the earrings draw attention to the face; the necklaces put the focus on the face, neck, neckline and even the waist; the rings and bracelets highlight the hands and arms, and thanks to their movement, they end up bringing the view to the whole body.

Low women: They should use necklaces between 45 and 60 centimetres or even longer (it is recommended not to wear chokers), which hopefully fall in a “V” below the bust, but above the waist, to lengthen the figure. It is better to use several thin bracelets than a single wide one because they are in better proportion to the overall size.

Women of average height: You can wear necklaces of any length, wide bracelets are more proportionate than very thin ones. In general, they are free to try.

Tall women: They can wear from chokers that cut the neckline and subtract attention from height to necklaces. The stones or pearls (type balls of the same size) are especially good. As for bracelets, anyone, although the very thin ones are lost in their height. Extra-long earrings look especially good.

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To buy rings you have to take into account the shape of the hands and fingers, because the truth is that this is an area of the body that attracts a lot of attention when gesturing, pointing, or taking an object, and the length of the fingers is the determining factor in the choice of jewellery. 

Women with long fingers are usually tall women, so they can use almost any style of rings. If the hand with long fingers is also excessively thin, it is ideal to use oval or round gems, and wide rings are better than thin ones. 

Hands with short fingers look better with gems that do not occupy the full phalanx, which would only accentuate even more the short of the hand, making it look less elegant. Oval-shaped stones give the illusion of extending the hand and are a good choice for short fingers. Round solitaires are also good for their simplicity. In the case of wanting a larger ring, an ideal is a form of brilliant, and that extends more in height than in surface; This minimizes the space occupied on the finger.

Finally, never forget that all jewellery should be selected in proportion to the size of the hand, face or body, as the case may be. Do not be tempted by fashion, because a badly chosen jewellery can literally kill your outfit. If you are looking for a wide collection of fashion jewellery visit


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