How to Choose Between Veneers and Teeth Whitening?

Dentistry in the 21 century is highly advanced and can provide you with a beautiful smile in a few minutes. A whitening procedure is popular among people of different ages and social status. It helps maintain the excellent appearance of your teeth. At the same time, tooth enamel doesn’t become thinner and doesn’t lose its protective properties.

A snow-white mile is important for people with jobs that require constant communication with people, such as doctors, teachers, managers, sales representatives, managers, etc. Many people find a life partner thanks to a sincere and radiant smile. 

The methods of whitening are different. You can perform the teeth whitening procedure and make the surface of the teeth two or more shades lighter or use veneers, which will give the teeth a snow-white tint.

Teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a popular and modern procedure. A laser beam acts on the tooth enamel. Thanks to the latest technologies and equipment, the results can be excellent. You will be pleased with the result of the laser teeth whitening. You will get shining teeth with whiteness and rave reviews of the friends about your smile.

Laser teeth whitening technology is innovative. Medical trials of the new technology have been carried out in various countries and have been successful. Therefore, laser teeth whitening is considered safe and effective technology. Teeth whitening is required for a great number of people. This is a very popular procedure all over the world. The laser exposure is non-contact and no infection will get into the oral cavity.

The effect is made directly on the patient’s tooth enamel during the whitening procedure. There is no need to add any items. The procedure is quick and painless. And this is very convenient. The teeth will remain two or more tones lighter from two to five years after teeth whitening.

Why do some people have teeth that remain bright for only two years, while others walk with a snow-white smile for up to five years? It depends on lifestyle and nutritional preferences. Enamel gets dark when people drink a lot of tea, coffee, smoke a lot of cigarettes, eat poorly, etc. If you want your teeth to be white longer, try to eat healthy food and reduce the influence of colored food and drinks.


What are dental veneers? Veneers are special ceramic pads that are put on the teeth. You can choose any of the wide variety of shades, so your smile will look perfect. Veneers will help to hide many small flaws in the dentition such as gaps between the teeth, slightly crooked teeth, dark or yellow enamel. If the patient initially has a dark color of tooth enamel, then cleaning it to snow-white shade is unreal even with a laser. 

But if an experienced doctor will apply veneers on your teeth, your smile will be as white as in your favorite movie actors. Dental veneers are firmly attached to the surface of the teeth and give them a dazzling look.

You always have a choice of how to aesthetically improve the appearance of teeth. Is the enamel not too dark and the dentition is almost even, without large gaps between the teeth? Doctors recommend laser treatment. If the enamel is not only cloudy but other defects of the dentition are also observed, study the method of applying veneers in detail. Veneers will hide many flaws and you will be free to smile, talk and laugh out loud when communicating with people.


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