How Do Dentists Whiten Teeth?

We usually think of dental services only when we need the services of an emergency dentist in Atlanta. However, as much as dentists solve the problems and infections of the tooth, they also help in maintaining them well and beautifying the person’s outer appearance.

Often stained or yellowing teeth embarrass many individuals, and make them self-conscious about smiling freely. Cosmetic dentists are equipped to actually instill a renewed level of confidence among people facing these problems.

If you are facing the same problems then visiting a dentist in Atlanta for professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get back the desired shade of your teeth.

Here are the steps the dentist will follow to whiten your teeth –

  • First, the dentist will make a note of the current shade of your teeth.
  • Next, they will often polish your teeth with a pumice or paste to get rid of any plaque you may have on the surface.
  • Your mouth will then be isolated with gauze to keep your teeth dry. They may also use retractors to keep your lips, tongue, and cheek away from the chemicals of the whitening solution, which will be used in the subsequent steps.
  • Your gum line also needs to be protected from the whitening solution. In order to protect that, they will place a barrier to cover it too.
  • Then, the dentist will coat your teeth with the whitening solution. This solution is usually made up of chemicals and bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Some whitening solutions require focusing of light or laser to activate the peroxide and get it to work. In these cases, they will focus the light as well.
  • The whitening solution will be left on your teeth for a specific period of time. Depending on the whitening solutions, reapplication may be needed.
  • Once the right shade is achieved, your teeth will be rinsed thoroughly.
  • The teeth at this point will be quite sensitive, and your dentist may apply fluoride.
  • In some cases, after all these steps, additional visits may be needed if the perfect shade hasn’t been achieved, and your dentist will advise you accordingly.
  • Finally, upon completion of the tasks, your dentist will instruct you if any precautions should be taken. For instance, a common precautionary step is to avoid food and beverages for a period of time.

In a matter of one to two hours they can help you regain your confidence with white and sparkling teeth.

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