House plant options that are too little to adjust in any small place

Recently, I came across a very little but very pretty plant potted in a cute little pot placed in someone’s house. That is when I started the research of mini-plants that look super cute and can be fitted into small compartments. Well, for me, the idea of plants was very different. I always imagined plants to be long, bushy full of leaves, and some giving out gorgeous flowers. But nowadays, the idea of plants has really changed with time. Now, there is a huge variety of plants to place in your interior as well. They are called houseplants. Telling you about the houseplants, you get so many different types of species in houseplants. Some of them are similar to the species used outdoors, belong to the same family, and just have different survival properties but some of them are really unique. All in all, you get unlimited options to choose from and then order indoor plants online accordingly.

Now, since we are talking about planting greenery in your indoor space, one needs to select plants more carefully. When it’s indoors you need to pay attention to the decor of the house and choose accordingly, the look of the plant also matters, and most important is the spacing part. Indoors you need to make good use of the spacing. So, instead of just adding pots here and there with long bushy plants, your plants should be more compact. Plus, plants inside attract more focus of the onlooker so it should be pretty enough to make a good impression. For that, here we bring the list of cute little houseplants that will fit into any small space of your house. Let’s begin. Snake plants

First on the list is a plant that you will find on every houseplant list. It is one of the most commonly found house plants. Going by the name, the distinctive feature of the plant that makes it easy to recognize this plant is that it has snakeskin-like prints on its leaves. This plant can grow longer if suitable conditions but its height can be maintained according to your choice. Just buy the variety that grows short and you can easily make it grow in a little pot. The plant is so common or I should say so popular amongst planters is because of the reason that the snake plant is not only pretty indoor but also clear out toxins from the air. That is why people prefer to plant it indoors.

African violets

What’s old is new once again at this time. African violets (Saintpaulia) were the “it” plant for your grandparents once, however, they are not seen making a comeback, prodded maybe by fun and cool new varieties with unsettled or pretty blooms and variegated foliage. One thing that hasn’t changed is the conservative size of African violets and their free-blooming nature. These plants like small pots, which have spikes flowering. Keep your African violets wet and pot-bound, give them brilliant light, and feed them with reasonable blossom manure to keep them playing out throughout the year and you will feel that it was a smart choice to choose this plant for indoors. It has a pretty violet flower that simply grabs the attention of any onlooker. Though you may not find this plant commonly near your house, look for indoor plants online and make your purchase there.

Baby toes

Just like the toes of any baby, the plant is miniature and looks pretty well adjusted in small spaces. Its small stature which is a great resemblance to a baby’s toe gives this plant its name. This plant is a species of the succulent family. The unique appearance of this plant can actually be a conversation starter for you to break the awkward silence with your guest.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a magic plant because this plant can do it all. They are high in providing medicinal benefits, can be easily grown from a cutting, can be grown in small pots, and are easy to maintain. You may have seen aloe vera leaves growing really long, but that is when they are planets in an open area. If you want a plant for a small space, even then this plant is a great pick because it can be easily grown and maintained in small little pots. Also, it is very thoughtful to keep aloe vera plants handy as it is beneficial in curing burns and calming sunburnt areas. You know the aloe vera plant actually is a part of the succulent family thus it does not require regular watering. Hence, they are easy to maintain as well.

These are some houseplants that look cute because of their size. They can be fitted and look great in any small space you want to fit them.


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Written by Disha Chaudhary

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