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Underground City Chicago Illinois is home to some of the country’s most iconic skyscrapers but with downtown real estate at a premium and with commuting times among the nation’s worst some have proposed a new solution: an Underground City. By building 1000 feet directly beneath the Loop the city could solve its space crunch and provide homes offices and more to tens of thousands of people. Drawing on lessons learned in Moscow – home to the world’s deepest subway system – and Amsterdam – where planners hope to build beneath the city’s canals an underground city beneath Chicago is not only technologically possible but might one day be necessary. With the world getting better and better every second the quest for perfection is at its limit and beyond. The quest of perfection is getting insatiable and there are some insanely big and ambitious projects underway. Here are the mega projects which promise to further enhance the world we currently live in. With the growth and expansion of the world’s economies there are plenty of large-scale investment projects that are under development currently. Most of these megaprojects of the future consisting of roads bridges skyscrapers airports and tunnels involve massive investment and use of superior technology. The cost of these large projects can run into billions of dollars and the greatest challenge for developing some of these spectacular projects can be to acquire adequate funding. These new methods of transport and infrastructure around different cities have opened up new possibilities for trade and commerce and paved the way for globalization. Let’s take a look at some of the megaprojects of the future here.

Source: High Engineering


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