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When it comes to local moving, it may only seem easy but in fact, it is almost the same as long-distance moving. There is only one difference and that is distance. But everything else is the same. For you as our possible client, the most important thing is safety and certainty. Excalibur Moving and Storage hire the best local movers in Maryland! That is exactly why you don’t need to fear the outcome. You are on the winning side with the Excalibur Moving and Storage! Their experts know every single detail in the local moving process. They have been through many kinds of situations in the moving business. It is very hard to stay on the top, but we endured. That is because we invest so much in our workers and our logistics. We need to respect your trust and confidence, that is why we prepared full local moving services for you. All you need to do is to tell us the location of your new and former house and set the moving date. Our job is to give you a supreme and safe local moving. No other moving company can give that kind of comfort. Your safety comes first!


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You are the owner of a beautiful piano which is your legacy. You are emotionally attached to it and it is in your family for decades. When you are moving a piano which is massive, valuable, and fragile at the same time you have only one concern, not to damage it! Excalibur Moving and Storage represents the safest piano moving and storage Maryland that you can find! All you need to do is to trust them and they will prepare the piano for relocation in a way that nothing can harm it.

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