Encourage Your Kids To Play With You

There is no pure relation than that of a parent and kids. Modern day parents usually take the friendly route to parenting. This remains very important that you nurture a strong bond with your offspring from very beginning. Your kids should not fear you but they should love you.

What Are The Benefits Of Spending Time With Your Kids?

As a parent you have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. From making your children smart, responsible and a good citizen you need to inculcate attributes like honesty, truthfulness, compassionate etc. Each one of this can only be done when you set examples before them. Setting examples is out of question when you are busy with your job and household chores.

Therefore it is highly important that you don’t only speak about their studies to them. You can take interest in their hobbies and indulge them in fun activities so that they know you are not here to correct them and decide them.

Best Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Children

Parenting is more about role playing these days. You have to be your kid’s parent, guide, friend, trainer and secret keeper and lot more. How can you do this is best explained in the ways given below:

1. Prepare their favorite food whenever it is possible

By doing this very often you get to know the change in their food interests and can have them eat the fresh home-cooked food. It can be a lot more healthier and tastier. One added advantage of this is you can spend quality time with your little ones. Make sure they assist you in small ways like passing utensils and doing the chopping jobs, depending on their age.

2. Tell them stories

Bed-time stories are best way to instill good moral values in the developing minds of your kids. Make it a night ritual and assure your child is thing positive and good while shutting his or her eyes.

3. Plan parties for your kids and their friends

Children do not like boring parents. Be the best dad for your child by inviting his or her classmates and friends for party in the house. Not only your kid but the other kids too will be fond of you.

4. Take them out every weekend

Taking a break with your children is much worthy for you as well. Involve yourself in the video games and other activities in mall nearby. Visiting Video Game Stores Los Angeles you can keep a check whether your champ or princess is not getting exposed to too much of violence too.

Lastly let them take your own decisions by sharing your experiences.

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