Don’t Miss the Napa Valley Film Festival

In addition to the food, fun, Napa hot air balloon rides, and wine tastings that celebrate Napa Valley’s annual harvest, do not forget the famous Napa Valley Film Festival. This year the NVFF will take place  November 7-11, 2018, a crowning event of the many weeks of harvest activities that came before. Make sure you schedule napa hot air balloon rides also.

First begun in 2011, the 2018 Napa Valley Film Festival may be considered the epicenter for creation and connection, an all-encompassing event that includes the finest in film, plus Napa Valley’s food, music, and wine. Moreover, there’s no better way to “top off” the film festival than to view the surroundings from aloft while enjoying Napa hot air balloon rides with Balloons Above the Valley.

Even the NVFF website’s Schedule of Events page depicts a grouping of several beautiful Napa hot air balloon rides majestically soaring above the valley floor.

2018 Napa Valley Films Festival Judging

With support from philanthropists Jennifer King and Tim Fredel’s Rugged Elegance Foundation, the NVFF has curated an extraordinary collection of issues-based films for the Festival.

The Festival will feature screenings of up to 90 new independent films and some sneak previews of upcoming studio films.

Juried and audience awards will be presented to movies deemed most deserving.

Juried awards will be judged by industry experts while audiences will have the opportunity to rank their preferences. Awards will be presented to the winners on Saturday night just preceding the Festival Gala. Juried award winners of the Best Narrative and the Best Documentary will receive $10,000 prizes each,  compliments of the Meadowood Napa Valley.

Not Strictly About Film

One of the best ways to spend your first morning at the Napa Valley Film Festival is to enjoy one of Balloons Above the Valley Napa hot air balloon rides. This adventure will help you to understand where events will be taking place and to “get the lay of the land” in perspective.

The NVFF is more than film watching and judging. Other events surrounding the Festival Film Program include culinary demonstrations by over 50 chefs and restaurants. These demos will be conducted at the Down-Valley Hub at the Studio by Feast It Forward. Guests will have an opportunity to sample each creation. Wines will be provided by the Miner Family Wines.

And, naturally, Wine at the Movies will be offered at select film screenings.

Enjoy Balloons Above the Valley Napa Hot Air Balloon Rides

Take an exhilarating break from the screenings with Napa hot air balloon rides by Balloons Above the Valley. Enjoy the view and the spectacular backdrop of Napa Valley before disembarking for an excellent lunch.balloon rides

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