Does Laser Therapy ‘Remove’ Stretch Marks?

You are struggling with unsightly stretch marks on your belly, thighs, back or any other body part. You have tried countless supplements, creams, oils, and other abrasion methods that promised to ‘erase’ your stretch marks for good. However, you have only faced disappointment. 

You were surfing the internet and came across a blog on laser therapy for stretch marks. 

Voila! You have found the cure. The blog says that you can get rid of your stretch marks for ‘good’. You are optimistic and ready to invest in this method as well. 

But, wait! Do you know everything that is to know about laser stretch mark removal? While laser stretch mark removal is an effective solution for your stretch marks but you should tune your expectations. You should understand about stretch marks and should know exactly what you are getting into. Only this way, you can avoid disappointment. This article will walk you through the effects laser therapy will have on your stretch marks and will help you manage your expectations. 

Why Do You Get Stretch Marks in First Place?

Your skin contains several layers. The top layers of the skin comprise of cells. This layer of the skin is called dermis. The deeper layer of the skin, called epidermis, contains a number of different types of proteins. The most abundant type of protein in this layer is called collagen. 

When your skin stretches for some reason, the collagen in your skin stretches as well. 

Your collagen is incredibly elastic and can withstand an incredible amount of stress. It can stretch to several times its original length. Like an elastic, when it is stretch and is then released, it comes back to its original size and shape. However, when it is stretched beyond a certain limit, it does not come back to its original shape and size. Something similar happens to your collagen as well. When your collagen is stretched beyond a certain limit, it starts to appear on your skin in the form of stretch marks. 

Stretch marks appear when collagen is stretched too much in too little time. This can happen due to a number of reasons. A rapid weight gain or weight loss can cause a lot of stress on your collagen. Similarly, pregnancy, use of steroids, and hormonal changes are certain factors that create circumstances leading to irreversible stretching of collagen. 

Can Laser Therapy Help?

Yes, it does help improve the appearance of your stretch marks. However, even laser therapy does not completely eliminate the appearance of your stretch marks. Laser therapy sessions can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by 20-70% with multiple sessions. 

Laser therapy works in two main ways. First, laser therapy focuses energy against the damaged collagen in your skin. Laser further damages this collagen and triggers your skin to remove the abnormal collagen from your skin epidermis. 

Second, laser therapy triggers the production of new collagen as well. This increase in the production of collagen helps cover up for the collagen lost. In addition, laser therapy also triggers the activity of certain skin cells called fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for the production of collagen in your skin. Laser therapy increases the number of fibroblasts in your skin and increases the activity levels of existing fibroblasts as well. 

Once there are more fibroblasts and they are working at an accelerated pace, they start to replace the damaged collagen with newer and better collagen. However, this process takes some time and is not 100% efficient. While laser therapy can lead to a significant reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, it can’t totally eliminate your stretch marks. So if someone is selling laser stretch mark as a magical therapy for stretch marks that provides 100% results, you should become skeptical. 

Does That Mean Laser Therapy is a No-Go?

We don’t mean to discourage you from using laser therapy for stretch mark removal. Laser therapy is the most effective method for stretch mark removal with the highest success and satisfaction rates. The only purpose of this information is to help you tune your expectations. A lot of people walk into laser therapy for stretch marks expecting that laser will magically clear away all of their stretch marks. 

While you should experience a considerable reduction in the appearance of your stretch marks, you should still be realistic in your expectations. You should know that it is going to take some time and you will probably need a couple of laser therapy sessions before you can see an appreciable reduction in your stretch marks. 

Once you know this, you would opt for laser therapy and will have realistic expectations as well. 

To sum up, laser therapy is an extremely effective solution for stretch marks. However, you should have realistic expectations from this method as well so that you can avoid disappointment. 


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