Different Types of Cellular Sensor Alarms Used to Protect from Fire

As we all know it is very important to install fire alarm systems in office, or house so that you would keep your family and employees safe from any type of mishap. Actually with the advancement of technology working of automatic and wireless fire alarm systems have become so much complexed so that it is very important that you know how it will actually work. It could actually save you from any type of risk and danger. As we all know that home or office is a place where accidents are more likely to happen, so that’s why you should prefer to make your house as safe as possible especially your kitchen area. Here in this article we are discussing about different types of cellular censor fire alarm systems that you can use to keep yourself protected from fire;

1. Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm:

First type of fire alarm system that you can use is known as Wi-Fi smoke alarm that also use to detect the carbon monoxide that’s why it is also known as co alarms. It’s actually combination of two in one alarm that will be best option for your house and office. It has the aristocratic of First Alert that could be integrated with the Apple’s Home Kit and will allow you to control it by using for Siri. This will be available in just $120 that’s the price of hardwire version and $110 will be added more in this price that will be for the battery powered that become very affordable price.

2. Nest Protect Fire Alarm System:

Another type of fire alarm system that you can simply use in your house or office for protecting your family and friends is nest protect fire alarm systems. Basically these type of fire alarm systems are available at very reasonable and affordable price. That could be $100 or £89 and it actually uses a split-spectrum fire sensor that evidently helps it to sense blazing fires much faster and it will also combines that smoke detecting ability with the help of smarts.

3. Kidde Remote Lync Smoke Alarm:

Next type of latest technology fire alarm systems that you can simply use is known as kidde remote Lync smoke alarm systems. So if you own a big company or house but you really don’t want to spend so much money then this alarm will be best option for you. it consists of amazing features and functions but available at very reasonable price. It use to combines the functionalities of CO alarms and smoke alarms. Actually the Kidde Remote Lync Monitor is available at just $100.

4. Halo Smart Labs Smoke Alarm:

Last fire alarm systems that we are discussing here in this article and which you can use to protect your house or office is known as halo smart labs smoke alarm. Basically this alarm is considered to be very good but mostly people use to recommend nest alarm system. Both of these alarms are competitors and available at reasonable prices.


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