Creative gift ideas to gift your best friend on this friendship day

Can you imagine your life without your BFF? Imagine what your life would have been without her? Who would have helped you to move on from all those heartbreaks? Or who would have pushed you to take all the risks and then saved you from the consequences when it all backfired? In short, you would have missed all the fun in life.

Friendship is so vital for the human race that even a plethora of movies have been made on this genre. And because friendship is so important, there is a full day dedicated to it. Yes, friendship day is a thing, and it is celebrated every first Sunday of August.

For many years even I was unaware of this day when it suddenly caught fire. Back then, I was in the eighth standard, and since then, my best friend( or you can call her my partner in crime) and I have been celebrating friendship day without failing. We exchange gifts (since we both love the idea of exchanging gifts) Each year, we both get down to thinking process to find creative gifts for each other. And if you also believe in the same tradition of exchanging gifts, then you might be looking for some gifts ideas too. I’m here to help.

Also, if you are the one who can climb the mountains and swim the oceans for your friends, then you must take this friendship day thing very seriously. Start celebrating it as soon as the clock strikes twelve. You can do so by getting a midnight cake delivery at your BFF’s house and mark that your celebration has already begun.

Here is a list of gifts that I have gifted her over the years. You will find some inspirations from here.

Cookie gift hamper

I don’t want to call her fat, but that butterball (my best friend) really loves cookies. She can literally choose cookies over me. And for the true love of her life, I gifted her a cookie gift hamper. It contained four jars of different flavored cookies. And believe me, each one was delicious than the other. Now, you must be wondering how can I be so sure, and it is because I ended up eating that yummy treat more than my best friend would have even tasted. And I’m not even sorry for that.

Scented candles

Well, not everyone has a thing for scented candles, but I choose them because I was very confident that my BFF loves them. Not only love, but she is also a big-time candle hoarder. She doesn’t even burn them for years and adds them to her collection, and that too unpacked. So I choose to gift her a set of 3 jasmine scented candles and the floral fragrance reminded me of flowers and also because it was her birthday this time, I also got an online flower delivery at her address.

A scratch-off travel map

Let me tell you a secret, my bestie, and I have the pact to visit every corner of the world together as we grow older. So to keep up the records, I gifted her a beautiful scratch-off travel world map. It allows you to scratch off the places you have visited. The map was printed on a thick good quality paper and had cartographic details. And it was brightly colored too; it made a perfect wall decoration too. You can also opt for this gift if your friend is always on the go.

Personalized beer mug

As we grew up, our friendship turned from being hopscotch partners to booze partner. So, last year, I gifted her a personalized beer mug. Yes, now she owns a beer mug customized just for her with her initial on it (so that no one touches her property) and a quote to describe her. Now, every time she will think of getting wasted without me, that mug will daunt her. It can be the best gift for friends who bond over alcohol.

A tile finder for lost stuff

Is your crime partner a lost case? If you have often caught her finding her spectacles while she is already wearing them, this gift is perfect for him or her. This tile finder is actually a Bluetooth tracker you can attach to your belongings and double-tap the button; the tile will start Ringing

I think I should stick one on myself too so that she does not lose me ever.

These were some unique gift ideas that are tried and tested. This is not mandatory to choose gifts like these, go with whatever your heart says because nobody knows your best friend better than you

Though I have referred to as “her” in the article ( because my BFF is a girl), but these gifts are apt for both a girl or a boy.


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