Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Review

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

Also as having horrible quantities of laggy latency, my wireless mouse had just one crippling problem: battery lifetime. Every now and then, without warning, then I’d give up the ghost, leaving me longing for one more pair of batteries in the midst of a video game. Matters have moved on since then and many wireless mice now endure for weeks between costs.

Battery life remains a problem, however, since you need to remember to control your device and always need to manage wires to do this – something that you wished to prevent in the first location. But, Corsair’s Black Core RGB SE wireless gaming mouse differs. It has an internal battery, which Corsair asserts includes a use time around 24 hours, so it needs to be billed. The distinction here, however, is that you don’t have to plug it as it’s Qi wireless charging.

The foundation of this mouse sports a Qi wireless charging recipient, similar to those in the most recent smartphones, letting it control on any Qi-compatible charging pad. It follows that each time you are away from your desk, then you can leave the mouse onto a pad that is compatible and top up the battery life.

There’s a choice of mousepads available on the web today offering built-in Qi charging pads for smartphones, which you may use instead to control the Dark Core mouse and Corsair was quick to provide its too in the type of the MM1000.

This is a comparatively big mouse pad with incorporated USB ports together with a QI wireless charging place at the upper right corner, meaning that you basically won’t ever run out of battery power because you simply should leave your mouse when you are away from your desk and it’ll start topping up the battery life. In addition, it can be used to charge your smartphone, together with adaptors within the box enabling micro-USB and Lighting port-equipped apparatus without QI charging to tap into it with another Qi charging recipient.

The Dark Core RGB SE itself perhaps leans much more toward an MMO gaming mouse since it includes a couple of added buttons in relation to your normal gaming mouse. There is a two-button rocker pad beneath your thumb using a third button in the center, which by default functions as a sniper button, then ramping down the significance of all those super-precise headshots.
Beneath the mouse would be are two buttons with you only acting as an on/off switch in the event you won’t use the mouse for extended periods. Another toggles between the super-fast 1ms 2.4GHz wireless link, which felt entirely lag-free in matches, to Bluetooth, which you could find more suitable from your gaming rig. If you are out and around and operate our from charge or for any reason forgot to bill the mouse in your home, then mercifully you will not be needing to search for some new batteries – simply connect the mouse for your PC with the micro USB cable included.

Something I find useful with gaming mice is synonymous surfaces, and this may be utilized to provide more support based upon your hand size or grip fashion. The left thumb rest is repaired, but you may add a similar service on the opposite side to permit your pinky to break there.

Along with the 3 thumb buttons and regular finger switches, you have a high button and additional finger buttons on the left of this mouse. I find these handy for altering the DPI, as I have done on other mice using this setup like Logitech’s G402. Size-wise it is a massive mouse, particularly in the event that you join the added pinky service, but the real problem is weight.

I quantified 138g using the discretionary pinky service attached, and this really is getting on for 30% thicker than the favourite Logitech G402. It will feel quite hefty on your hand and does not move quite so publicly as a consequence – at least it’ll require some getting used to. The top buttons are somewhat rattly in comparison to the others I have used along with the scroll wheel had an irregular rattle.

It can operate with a number of grip styles, however – the fact that it had been somewhat shorter than the G402 supposed a claw design grip was potential, with hands and finger grips being the most appropriate, given its dimensions.

Corsair’s iCUE program provides you control over the RGB light in addition to the 3 configurable DPI sensitivity settings and that of the sniper style.

It is also possible to reassign mouse buttons to additional purposes in case you are not pleased with the default settings, and you are able to assign and record macros to some button also, including the capacity to capture mouse movements.


I am a huge fan of wireless charging – not so much as it eliminates another cable out of a cable-cluttered desk, as it doesn’t – you still need to have a wireless charging pad to really control the mouse or some other QI device you are using – but since it eliminates the need to fiddle about with wires and plugging your device in each time you control it. In this way, Qi wireless charging does decrease clutter – you merely have a wireless charging pad rather than some stray USB cable that is permanently getting at all. Additionally, it requires under a moment to set the Dark Core onto a wireless charging pad, which saves time in comparison to coping with a fiddly micro USB cable.

It is hugely handy and just leaving your mouse at the exact same charging place nightly basically means it’s an infinite battery. You will begin daily with a topped battery up. The program is somewhat complicated in areas, but what works and provides you with a fantastic level of control over the mouse. The mouse has a few niggles, but I did not really detect either after using it for a couple of hours.

The MM1000 Qi charging mouse pad has had a cost decrease to $40 whereas the mouse retails for only $59.99 compared to its own $90 price label earlier this season significance for under $100 it is possible to grab a superior Qi wireless-charging mouse pad along with the Dark Core RGB SE mouse. At this cost, for what you buy, the Dark Core RGB SE is now a superb bargain and very honestly, I wish each wireless mouse needed wireless charging also. If you are looking for more best gaming mouse review visit


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