Confirmed: Either Apple or Google Will Acquire Tesla

Dating back to 2008, Steve Jobs had a dream to build an electric car. It was in 2014, when Tim Cook funded the project. Looking at current day rumors, they say that Apple will launch its electric vehicle around 2025, which will be an era when such luxuries will become quite common.

Moving on to Google, it already has self-driving electric cars; however, it has now claimed to focus solely on the software.

After Tesla announced its Model S, and it came out, no other company has been able to produce anything that compares to it. However, now it seems that something is in pipeline as some of the major automotive manufacturers have claimed to exceed Tesla’s invention. Unfortunately, even the powerful offerings seem nothing more than words.

With couple of trials and errors, Tesla learned the right way of bringing together automotive technologies with modern software. Though it faced problems regarding automate production, it has find the way to build a total of 6,000 cars every week.

Negative press and Tesla’s monetary struggles have turned even complicated owing to Elon Musk’s inconsistent tweets. As a result, the need for strategic planner has grown.

Talking about the best acquirer, Saudi Arabia isn’t the right answer. This is because electric vehicles and solar technologies will lead to drop in oil prices, which will eventually bring down the value of Saudi oil reserves. Investment in Tesla would lead into a heavy loss for it. Moving on to popular names like Apple and Google, they have technology, money and marketing abilities to enhance offerings of Tesla. Moreover, Apple has impeccable manufacturing skills along with powerful distribution channels.

Tesla is looking forward to provide Apple a completely new set of technology platforms on which it would create a line of products. Also, Apple needs this perpetually to sustain trillion-dollar market capitalization that happened in 2007 after the release of iPhone, a product after which nothing revolutionary from the company hit the market. Due to these reasons, it has to make its presence in new markets, which is possible with Tesla’s energy storage, solar technologies and automotive.

It won’t be wrong to say that Apple is going to have a bash that will come its way from the advanced technologies that are there in electric cars. Not just this but it will also own the second-best self-driving software in the whole industry.

As far as Tesla is concerned, it will get the opportunity to integrate Apple TV, App Store, iPad and iTunes into its automotive; thus, it will be in the position to turn its vehicles into iCars. What else? It will replace its old-fashioned operating system with macOS.

At much lower prices, Apple will give the world luxury automobiles in various shapes and sizes by bringing its standard manufacturing and inventory-management process to Tesla. With this, the company will get another way to impress markets once again, mainly in India and China.

After Apple, let’s now talk about Google, as it also has interests in Tesla. Despite lacking manufacturing capability like Apple, it has its maps and self-driving software. As Tesla’s mapping software is quite substandard, its self-driving software may use upgrade. Google’s self-driving-technology development company, Waymo may concentrate on the software and allow Tesla arm tackle the hardware.

As Morgan Stanley has valued Waymo at $175 billion, it’s clear that Tesla’s $70 billion price isn’t worth and the combination is terrifying.

Now the question is that whether or not Musk will ponder upon this offer? As he has already rejected an offer from Google in 2013 and also ignored the concept of Apple buy-up in emails, nothing is certain. However, things have changed and Musk has realized the consequences of his tweet and came across news of Saudi Arabia offering investment in a competing startup, anything may happen.

It seems that Musk will accept the offer to overcome his financial issues. Keeping away from the mess of funding and quarterly stock pressure, he would be in a position to develop ideas that will change the world and uplift industries including energy, automotive and space. In simple words – win-win situation for Tesla and for the world.

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