Commercial Vs Residential Roof

A roof is a roof, no matter if it is of business or home. This is what almost all people believe. But this is completely opposite to the reality. There is a huge difference between both the roofs. If you are in search of commercial roofing Tampa or residential roofing Tampa then you must have a complete understanding of the difference between both. It will help you in search of a professional roofer as per your requirements.

Here are some key differences between commercial and residential roofs

1) Design

The main difference that can easily recognize by anyone is ‘design’. The design of both the roofs is not similar at all. The commercial properties are usually bigger in size than the residential ones, so their roofs tend to be different during installation. Moreover, residential roofs have a steep slope, and commercial roofs are flat or slightly sloped that are usually built to support heavyweight.

2) Roof Material

The material used for commercial roofs and residential roofs vary in case of size, structure, cost, and environmental factors. The residential roofs are different from the commercial roofs when compared with size or structure, so the material that would be used will also be different. The residential roofs need to be tougher to handle a number of incorporate elements.

The material that is mostly used for both the roofs is Ceramic, asphalt, tile or slate shingles, Solar shingles, Wood Shakes, Metal roofing, and Additional supportive materials. Hire only professionals for roof installation and Tampa roof repair, they will understand the requirement and guide you accordingly for the roof material.

3) Maintenance

Maintenance of the roofs too directly depends upon the size. The bigger the size of the roof, the more maintenance it will require. It means commercial roofs demand more maintenance as compared to residential ones. In the case of residential roofs, you can unblock the gutters, replace broken shingles, and can detect the damage by your own self. It is easy to maintain.  But in the case of commercial roofs, regular checkups are necessary. Gutters need to be cleaned up daily to avoid blockage and metal roof, and shingles should be under regular maintenance to get rid of corrosion or decay.

4) Installation Cost

Installation cost makes a huge difference between commercial and residential roofs. The roof installation process for commercial and residential properties is totally different. Commercial roof installation cost tends to be high than the residential roof. The main reasons behind the high cost of a commercial roof installation are size, material, amount of labor, and protection equipment.

Confirming and discussing the cost before installation is necessary to make the budget estimation. Call expert roofers nearby you and ask them the expense that will be incurred in the installation process.

The above key differences between commercial and residential roofs are hardly focused by people while installation and its repair but it is necessary to concentrate on these points. Hiring skilled crews for roof installation can too assist you in the right direction and provide you the best solutions.


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