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Every month there are lots of real estate articles that are jam packed with helpful advice for buyers and sellers. Putting together a round-up of these posts is always fun.

It is another way of getting some exposure on articles that really deserve it. Without further fanfare, take a look at these excellent, share worthy articles.

Improvements That Increase Home Values

When selling a home there are certain improvements that really make a difference and others not so much. The key of course, is to put your money where it matters. Lots of sellers will make improvements to their home thinking that everything they do will be worthwhile. This is absolutely not the case. Many owners, in fact throw their hard earned money right down the drain!

Don’t be one of them. Here are the home improvements that increase values best. A quick piece of advice – you can’t go wrong putting moderate amounts of money into a kitchen. Kitchens help sell homes! Even simple updates will go a long way.

Doing Your Due Diligence as a Home Buyer

One of the most important things you can do before committing to purchasing a home is due diligence. You need to make absolutely certain that the property you are buying will be a good long term fit.

Part of the home buying due diligence process is doing painstaking research on the home, the land, the neighborhood and the area.

It is not just doing a home inspection and calling it a day. While the condition of the home is very important, what if you discover a month after owning the home a shopping mall or a gas station will be going in close proximity to your home. You might feel differently about your purchase right?

Always do your homework before buying a home!

Home Inspection Deal Breakers to Avoid

One of the most important milestones in a home sale is the home inspection. Quite often a bad home inspection will be the reason why a home comes back on the market. Buyers get cold feet on homes that have major issues.

As a seller, there are things you can do to avoid a home inspection deal breaker. One of the best pieces of advice is to get a pre-listing inspection. When you have an inspection prior to putting your house on the market, you’ll have a real good idea as to the current condition.

Please don’t think you already know the condition because you probably don’t. Having been a real estate agent for over thirty years, my seller clients are always surprised by what the home inspector finds.

There are always unknown issues that exist. Some of these problems if left unfixed can become much bigger problems.

By getting your own home inspection, you will be ready for the buyer’s inspection. There should be no surprises if you take care all of the problems before the buyer’s inspector sets foot in the door.

More Updates That Make Home Selling Easier

As mentioned above, there are always things you can do to your home to make it better. You just need to know that you’re not investing it in the wrong spot.

Without a doubt there are improvements that make a difference when selling and those that do not. The article at Active Rain, really illustrates where you should put your focus of attention.

Don’t be like other sellers and put your money into things that don’t matter.

For example, the fancy wallpaper you just added to the dining room that cost a ton of money might make your home harder to sell.

Dual Agency Should Never Be Acceptable

When you are buying or selling a home dual agency should never be acceptable. When you hire a real estate agent, you want them in your corner fighting hard for your best interests. For seller’s it’s called a seller’s agent. For a buyer it’s known as a buyer’s agent. When an agent works with you they are beholden to accomplish your goals.

Unfortunately, with dual agency an agent cannot be your trusted advisor. They automatically become a neutral party in the transaction. The agent you hired no longer represents you exclusively anymore. Dual agency is dumb! Never accept it when you are in a real estate transaction. Always have your own agent.

Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Real Estate agents talk about curb appeal all the time. In real estate sales there aren’t many more important things than first impressions.

Most buyers are going to find their home online so first impressions will start there. The first picture home buyers almost always see immediately when looking at homes is the exterior.

What do you think happens when it looks like crap? For many it is skipping to the next property. You obviously don’t want to have that happen. See how to improve your homes curb appeal in this article at Massachusetts Real Estate News. You’ll find helpful guidance on what it takes to make your property look its best.

Home Selling Tips For Winter

Selling a home in a cold weather climate is a lot different than selling at any other time of the year. Without a doubt it is far more challenging. Luke Skar has put together some great tips for winter home selling in his latest article at Active Rain.

Take a look at his helpful guidance on what it takes to get your home under contract during the winter season. No, you don’t need to wait until spring if you follow some sensible guidance.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the variety in these articles that have been published in February. Take a look at each of the articles and if you know someone who could benefit, give them a share socially.

Additional Helpful Articles Worth a Look

Use these additional articles found on Palinterest to make sound decisions when buying or selling a home.


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