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Children are the main aspect that almost every state’s laws on child custody are written for. The focus isn’t on what the parents want, but rather on what situation would be the best for the child in question.

While each state has specific rules on child custody, the child’s welfare is still the number one aspect that dictates the decision of the courts. Typically, all laws on child custody will require the courts to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt, a parent’s ability to care for the child physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Generally, the emphasis is placed on a parent’s financial state, as well as the ability to provide a nurturing environment for the child or children. Courts can also consider which parent is most likely to allow the child to maintain a positive relationship with the other parent.

In most cases, the criminal background of the parent will also be an area of interest during custody hearings, as will the history of substance or alcohol dependence of the parent. Any history of child abuse or neglect will almost always disqualify a parent as a good candidate for custody in the court.

Often a judge is unable to determine that either parent would be better or worse for the child; in those cases, joint custody is sometimes awarded. This will give both parents equal custody and decision making rights for the child, as well as equal parenting time.

This appears to be the predominant method of parenting, apart from two-parent households. There are many guidelines and laws on child custody written for joint custody. To find out what the laws on child custody for your state are simple web search will generally pull up a wealth of information.

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