8 Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to a Home

July 19, 2019
Michelle Gibson
Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several inexpensive upgrades that can add value to any home. One of the biggest return on investment is painting. Yes, a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom throughout a home can make it look cleaner, brighter and overall fresh. Homes that have a fresh clean look are much more appealing to homebuyers. And painting doesn’t have to stop at the walls. You can paint outdated kitchen and bathroom cabinets too. However, there is a look more prep work involved in painting cabinetry, so this is something howeowners should probably leave to the professionals.
In addition to painting there are several other inexpensive upgrades homeowners can do that will add value. It’s always best to get advice from a real estate professional prior to making any changes. That is if you’re looking to be cost-effective when adding value to a home.

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