5 Reasons Why Wedgie Jeans Are Amazing

Wondering to buy some wedgie jeans? Looking for ways as to why wedgie jeans are ideal? Look no further as we are bringing you reasons as to why you should get a wedgie jean and what makes them so amazing. Jeans have been part of fashion for a very long time, from skinny jeans to baggy jeans to cheap mens jeans. But we have come a long way and jeans have evolved through the years. Nowadays wedgie jeans are becoming more and more popular, thanks to Kardashians. Without any further delay, the following are some great reasons that make the wedgie jeans ideal.

Fashion Statement

Wedgie jeans have now become a fashion statement as a lot of stars and celebrities are wearing them more often than not. These high waisted jeans are ideal if you have a big butt as its emphasis and make your behind more prominent. Even if you do not have such assets, wedgie jeans can make your butt look curvier. You can find wedgie jeans in various colors and shades, from the good old vintage blue to raw denim faded-look. Also, wedgie jeans are quite durable and can last for a decade.

Ideal for Sitting

As we all know jeans are not stretchable whereas denim, on the other hand, has a tendency to stretch quite a bit. And due to the lack of stretchiness in jeans, it can be very uncomfortable to sit while wearing them.  However, wedgie jeans are probably the best type of jeans that is ideal of sitting as they accentuate the waistline and prevent visible butt-crack.

Love Handles

Wedgie jeans are one of the topmost selling types of jeans out there in the market and there is a reason for it, if you have a bit of extra fat on your love handles, wedgie jeans tend to smooth out those curves and give you a sense of confidence in yourself. Wedgie Jeans usually sit high on your waistline and it is this property of their that not only smooths out the love handle but hide that extra bit of fat on your belly.

Make you look taller

Wedgie jeans are tighter around the thigh and calf area on your leg and it is this quality of wedgie jeans that gives the impression of elongated legs. The elongated legs look makes you seem taller than usual. Wedgie jeans are a snug fit not only around the legs but also around the hips as it is designed to highlight the curves. Tight jeans style is often confined to women but men can wear them as well but not wedgie jeans variety.

Pockets & Matching

Even something small as pockets on wedgie jeans is designed in such a way that they are tilted towards the side, making the curves even more prominent. The best thing about wedgie jeans is the fact that they pretty much go with anything on top, from a simple blazer to tank top or even rocking a simple a t-shirt would go so well with this type of jeans.


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