5 New Destinations for Trip within Your Budget

You might see a dramatic rise in the travel prices this year. Fluctuation in the value of the dollar has made these predictions. Maintaining a budget is difficult these days. Working for long hours has become a common practice and this mundane routine offers little moments of leisure. However, there does come a time when you need a break. Looking at your pocket might make you think twice and you end up suppressing your impulse. This article, however, can teach you ways that can allow you to travel without worrying about your budget. We bring you the top 5 travel destinations that are budget friendly. Look at these options and you might end up travelling to your favorite destination.

1. Albufeira, Portugal

If you have taken enough of the chilly weather then it is time for you to see the face of the sun. Albufeira in the southern Algarve region can be your new travel destination. There are many amusement parks, bars, restaurants and nightclubs that can keep you entertained. The prices of both restaurants and bars are extremely economical. You can find many outdoor activities and enjoy the sunset at exotic beaches.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia has been in the news since FIFA and after their mesmerizing performance, this country deserves a visit. It is surrounded by massive stone walls and the city’s streets are paved with limestone that gives a cool feel during the summer season. With its stunning medieval architecture and plethora of entertaining places, you can visit this budget-friendly destination.

3. Uzbekistan

A blend of Persian and Soviet influence, Uzbekistan has a lot to offer its visitors. Traveling through central Asia has always been an adventure. With a blend of different culture, amazing food, preserved religious sites and a completely different set-up, you can learn a lot about people and its history. This budget-friendly travel destination can give you an experience worth remembering.

4. Phuket, Thailand

You cannot find a parallel of Thailand when it comes to cheap travel destinations. Phuket is an exquisite beach spot that is popular for having reasonable hotels and mouthwatering food. Phuket is also famous for its nightlife. You can enjoy loud music and activities that are meant to entertain its visitors. You can enjoy the ferry trip at just $30. You can stay at hotels like Andakira Hotel Patong for under $50 which is a very reasonable price.

5. Islamabad, Pakistan

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, offers a number of entertaining spots like Margalla Hills, Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake etc. It also offers some amazing hotels with breathtaking views. You can enjoy staying in this city and meet people who are known for their hospitality. PIA Flight from London to Islamabad are available at cheap rates. You can book a flight and avail this offer before it is too late.

It may seem difficult to cut expenses and travel but with these 5 travel destinations you can find a way to live your dream. So quit working for some time and go out to different explore places.


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