4 Tips You Should Follow To Get Perfect Platinum Blonde

Numerous ladies are always looking for something different and trendy. And when it comes a craze for platinum blonde, its rise at the top-most level. The core reason that makes this particular hair trend very famous, not only among the ladies but also among the men, is the fashionable look that one gets. 

But there are different tips that one needs to follow once you make your mindset regarding this particular color. Continue reading this will give you an idea regarding the tips that you should follow.

  • Discuss Everything Regarding Your Hairs, Prior

The hairstylist needs to know almost everything regarding the hairs. Whether you undergo any sort of hair treatment or had applied any color, everything needs to get clear when you demand any coloring technique. The reason is very clear when your NYC Salon stylist knows everything about your hairs then only he could advise any tips regarding your hairs.

  • Avoid Washing Your Hair On The Day Of Coloring

Assuming you’ve done your analysis and meeting with your hairstylist, there’s a small amount of preparation one to do before the day. The very first rule New York Salon stylist will tell you is, don’t wash your hair the day of or night before your appointment. The reason is, with this your scalp gets dried up and you will feel irritation after the bleach is applied. If the hair is antecedently colored or highlighted with bleach, certify that you need to undergo a deep treatment for its removal a minimum of a week before your method, so that the previously applied bleach gets removed properly.

  • Make Yourself Mentally Prepared For Hair Color

When we think to try anything new, multiple thoughts run inside our minds. Sometimes one feels to adapt the change and at the same time just think to neglect that. But this mental confusion is not good to adapt one thing new. When we are happily ready to get change, then only the changes bring pleasant results. The same happens with platinum blonde too, you need to be ready properly so that the coloring brings positive impact.

  • Stop Applying Any Sort Of Coloring 6 Months Prior You Go For Platinum Blonde

If you have the craze of applying different colors from the best hair salons in NYC after a short interval, then you need to stop it now. The reason is simple, the less color present on your scalp the less bleach you need to apply. Excessive bleach may damage your hair, so try not to apply any color or highlights 6 months before going blonde.


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