4 Reasons Why You Want To Live In Belize

Belize is beautiful. Many fall in love with the place at the very first sight. Tons of tourists pack their bags time and again to this beautiful country and many decide to settle here only. It is only possible that you don’t have any solid reason to invest in real estate in Belize, if you have never been there. Let the post make you familiar with the finest reasons for living or buying property in the country.

  1. Low Cost Of Living- Living in Belize requires comparatively less expenses. It is said that retirees plan their retirements and choose to settle in this country because the cost of living here is just two thirds of what is the living expenditures in Bermuda or the Bahamas. It can be unbelievable for many to know that $2000 a month is good enough for a couple to survive in Corozal, the Cayo and Toledo districts.2. Encouraging Rates Of Property- Another reason why real estate business is flourishing in Belize is that the rates of property are much more reasonable than other neighboring countries. It is possible to get a three bedroom home with a yard on the bay of Corozal for $250,000.
  1. Proximity to Important International Destinations- You are never too far from your home country and your loved ones. If you choose to settle in Belize, leaving your own country may get overwhelming, but don’t worry as for business or family reasons you can travel without facing any hassles. The country is well connected to Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami. A 2 hour flight and the distance is covered.
  1. Speak English- While you shift here with or without family, you need not learn some local language. English is spoken and understood by the natives and hence, there is no disconnect between the locals and the outsiders.

People live a chilled out life here with no-problem attitude. Beautiful surroundings though remain the primary reason of thinking on these lines.


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