3 Tips for setting up the Wine Cooler in the Food Business

In the summer season it is very important to keep drinks chilled and cool all the time. Actually, there are so many different ways that will help you to keep your drinks fresh and chilled especially in the summer season. But the best way to keep drinks chilled is to store them in wine coolers or fridges. Actually, these are cooling appliances that will help you to maintain perfect temperature of drinks that you have stored in it. But keep in mind that it is very important to decide the proper place to set up these appliances. Here in this article we are discussing about tips that you must follow while setting up the wine cooler in the house.

1. Decide type of appliance you have to buy:

People who are thinking about buying the beverage cooler should preferably decide the type of drink they want to store in it. After that you have to select the appropriate type of unit just like dual temperature wine fridge. Keep in mind these appliances will support you to store different varieties of bottles, including wine, juices, alcohol, sodas, and water. So it will be perfect choice for any home to have the bottle cooler for storing the bottles and keeping them chilled. Actually, there are so many different varieties available in these bottle coolers from which you can buy the one after analysing your needs. You can decide about the storage capacity that you want and then analyse the size by measuring the space where you want to place it. Based on that take your decision and make a purchase.

2. Selecting the perfect location

The first thing that you have to do while setting up the wine cooler is select the appropriate location. Keep in mind there are certain things that you have to consider while setting up the appliance so that it will perform at its best. As we all know wine coolers are actually a portable appliance, but most of the time people won’t move it too much. So yes, while installing wine coolers consider these points:

    • So yes, if you actually want to get optimum wine storage conditions, then you must look for a flat ground in your kitchen so that you can place your cooler there.
    • Keep in mind that you have to avoid placing the cooler on inclined places. As that will increase the risk of falling or breaking the appliance.
    • Other than that, keep in mind that you won’t have to place the appliance under direct heat and sunlight. As that will affect its overall performance.

3. Consider an Alternative to Carpet

Another thing that you have to consider while installing the wine cooler is not to put it on to the carpet. Actually, it will be better if you will place the appliance away from carpet area. Keep in mind if there will be any type of leakage then it will completely damage the carpeting also. That will be hard to wash. So it’s better to keep the appliance away from carpet. Actually, this type of wine leakage of carpet can be disastrous for carpets. And it might become the foundation of causing mildew and also the strong odours.



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