10 best way to surprise your wife during Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is among the most important festivals celebrated by Hindu married couples. It is more common among the people of North India and is celebrated in the month of Kartik every year. The “Chauth” depicts the fourth day of the waning moon. That is when wives keep a full day fast for their husbands.

First Karwa Chauth is especially challenging and important for newly married women. It comes as a responsibility for them to perform each and every ritual carefully for the wellness of their relation. There is an equal responsibility on the husbands as well to help their wives and take care of them.

Karwa Chauth is a festival where a wife has to do more than her daily routine. For working women, the situation could be a little different. But even housewives, they have to take care of all the daily house chores while fasting. Preparing food, getting all the routine tasks done in time, preparing for Karwa Chauth rituals, and then getting ready for you is not easy while fasting.

This day gets a wife on her toes trying to bring perfection in everything. No doubt Karwa Chauth brings a lot of blessings and happiness for a couple. But at the same time, it can be hectic and tiring. To reduce the pressure that this day brings. Husbands need to put in a little effort. It can either be in the form of a gift, a gesture, or anything that your wife loves. Although it can be done simply but adding a little “Surprise” flavor would be great. For all those husbands searching for ways to surprise their wives. Here is one guide for you:

Guess what I got you?

Karwa Chauth Sarees are the perfect surprises you can give to her this festival. A woman fasts perform all the rituals and then dresses up to break her fast. Your wife would be doing the same and would have planned her things as well. Surprise her with her favorite Designer Sarees and help her look gorgeous for you.

Honey! I’m home…

Every wife complains that their husbands come late from work. This might be true in your case too. Everyone has a busy schedule and it’s really hard to take out time for the family specially on weekdays. This Karwa Chauth, try finishing things a little earlier. Try coming back a little earlier and surprise your wife. She would be amazed to hear when you say “Honey! I’m home”. To add a little more to it. Get a perfect Karwa Chauth Saree for her. She is going to love it!

Order an Online Gift

Women love flowers. When it’s Karwa Chauth, they love to wear them too. Bring those lovely Jasmine flowers for her. Help her wear those in her hair. You may also buy a bouquet of lovely red roses for her. Another beautiful way of surprising her can be sending her a surprise gift. You can order flowers online and get them delivered at home while you are away. You could search for some Special Sarees for Karwa Chauth or Designer Sarees online. Get them delivered at your doorstep in your absence and surprise your wife. Add a box of her favorite chocolates to that and see the magic. This will work out well if you want to leave her astonished on this special day.

Take her out on a Date

It’s rare to take out time and plan special moments for your lovely spouse every day. Tight work schedules, meetings, job pressures, all these things are difficult to manage. But taking out some extra time on special occasions is manageable. This Karwa Chauth, you can surprise your wife by booking a table for her at her favorite restaurant. A surprise date would work well in expressing your feelings for her.

Get her a perfect Makeover

Since it’s a day your wife tries her level best to please you. You can do the same by helping her be the Queen of the day. Book an appointment for her at a salon and get her a perfect makeover. Treat your woman with that care she needs to get a perfect Karwa Chauth to look for you. Find out some good Karwa Chauth Sarees. Drop them at the salon and let the salon get the Queen of your heart ready for you.

Celebrate with a Delicious Customized Cake

There are several gifts you can select for this special evening. Since she’s been fasting all day, a little sugar would be great to boost her energy levels. Now, this doesn’t mean that you get her a spoon full of sugar. Try getting a customized cake for her. Get your favorite picture of her printed on the cake. Surprise her with this small but delicious gift.

Bring back the romantic you

Try to remember some beautiful pick-up lines you tried on her back in the old days. Seeing a different than usual side of yours would cheer her up.

Take her to the Place you first met

Recalling your old times is the most successful way of surprising your spouse. Without telling her anything. Take her on a drive. Take her where you met for the first time. You can also go to where you popped that question that brought you together. This little surprise will bring a lovely smile to her face.

Fast for her

A wife prepares days before Karwa Chauth. She plans each and everything to seek blessing for you from the Lord. Since you love her too, why not surprise her by doing the same for her? Well, this might not be easy since you may have to manage work too. But it isn’t that difficult as well. It may come as an emotional surprise to her. This is also another way of strengthening your love bond with her.

Cook for her

While she fasts for you and manages all the daily rituals. You can cook for her, prepare things, get her dress ready, and help her achieve that perfect Karwa Chauth look. Light up that Chef side of yours. Surprise her by preparing her favorite food with your own hands.


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