Why do people create drug memes?

Why do people create drug memes? Drug Memes have been a major part of popular culture today with millions of people creating them and exchanging them through various social networks. With this being said, it’s safe to say that drug memes are part of popular culture today. There are several reasons why people choose to use funny drug memes or drug images as they are also sometimes referred to. Learn more about drug memes.

A common reason for creating these types of jokes is to provide a lighter, more humorous spin on what may otherwise be a serious, depressing subject matter. There are many different reasons why people make jokes like these but the most popular among those who are not addicts, is to lighten the mood of someone who may be feeling down or depressed. These types of jokes are also fun and amusing and are an excellent form of self-hypnosis for those who may be suffering from depression or other mental disorders. In short, jokes can be used as a form of therapy. 

Another common reason for using drugs as a form of humor has to do with being able to share something with others who may be feeling down or depressed, as well as being able to feel better about themselves. Drug jokes can often times make others laugh and make them feel better about themselves. They are also very easy to create.

The third most popular reason as to why people do create drug memes is because the media often times portrays certain aspects of the drug addict and abuser as funny. The media often portray a drug addict as funny because he or she may appear to be having an easy time or enjoying some sort of recreational activity. For instance, if you watch an episode of South Park where the characters talk about some of the drug jokes that are commonly used, you’ll see the media portraying drug jokes as a form of entertainment that is just as entertaining as any other form of entertainment. This is one example of why people do create funny drug jokes.

Lastly, many people who are a bit on the edge and who have problems with their drug use, often times become very serious about the situation after using drugs. There are times when they can get so depressed and so upset by the problems that they begin to talk in circles on blogs, discussion boards, forums, and even message boards and share drug jokes and funny drugs along with other people. They do this because they feel that they need a way to release their negative feelings and to others who may also have similar problems, especially to keep themselves from feeling too far out.

So why do people create funny drug meme to help them feel better about themselves? The reasons are as varied as the individuals who create them.


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